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If there’s a story out there that makes you shake your head, odds are that the story took place in a city in Florida. Whether it’s a woman getting attacked in her garage by five bears or a topless woman pausing her destructive attack in a McDonalds to grab some soft serve, the Sunshine State seems to attract more than its share of dummies. And when those stories happen, you’ll read about them here.

Each story will also receive a score based on a 1-10 scale so that you can be forewarned as to how Floriduh a story really is, where 1 is “news you might see in another state” and 10 is “total and complete f-ckery.”

If you see a Floriduh story that hasn’t appeared on the page, feel free to send it to floriduh@500words.net and we’ll see if it meets the high low standards that this blog plans to keep.

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