Yo Quiero, Representative Eagle



We’ve all been there. Drunk. Hungry for Taco Bell. Some of us get our friends to drive us.

Unfortunately for Floriduh Representative Dane Eagle, none of his staff appeared to be around when he craved a Fourthmeal, so he made a solo run for the border. The Representative was spotted by police in Tallahassee  after he just missed hitting a curb, hit another curb, and then ran a red light.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat:

Eagle told police he did not drink any alcohol that night but stumbled when getting out of his vehicle, according to court documents. Eagle told officers the vehicle smelled like alcohol because he had friends in the car who had been out at a bar earlier, court documents said.

He refused to submit to a field sobriety test and said he was “good to get home,” court documents said.

He was then taken to the Leon County Jail.

Floriduh Rating: 2


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