F-ck You, Pay Me



The court system in the United States was established upon the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Leon Hughes decided not to avail himself of the presumption of innocence when police investigators in West Palm Beach, Floriduh asked Hughes about his neighbor’s car, which was set on fire.

Hughes told the police to write the following down. He told police he got gas from his front yard, threw it on the car, and set it on fire.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Hughes said:

“Send me to prison, ‘cause when I get out, I am gonna burn that (expletive) up,” he said. “His house, his car his family. Everything. I’m gonna set that (expletive) on fire.”

He faces charges of second-degree arson and remains in the Palm Beach County jail without bond.

When police spoke with the neighbor whose car was set on fire, he explained that he had asked Hughes to complete some minor repairs on his car. The neighbor, William Wilson, said that Hughes damaged the car and Wilson therefore refused to pay him.

This is not Hughes’ first brush with the law. He has a lengthy arrest history, mostly for failure to appear in lieu of drugs or open container charges. He was also found guilty for aggravated assault with a weapon in 2002. For that charge, Hughes was given time served.

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