Let’s Meat Up

Okay, so I’m just going to give you a summary. Then we can talk.

I decided to listen to my body and add meat back into my diet for a time in answer to the cravings. As a result, something counter to what I was expecting happened.

My goal in life is to find the best practices to get further down the road with a body that looks and feels no more than 34. I want to find that perfect balance of self-regulation and that place where I am not interfering with the body and its own self-regulation so that it can find perfect homeostasis.

Over the last nine months, I’ve been eating a whole-food/plant-based diet(mostly) with eggs. I’ve been spending 30 minutes in the sauna daily, sweating profusely. This is in addition to my morning meditation, stretching, lymphatic massage, and movement exercises. I also do resistance work throughout the day.

When I get out of the sauna, unlike most people, I do not jump in the shower to rinse off but allow my body to cool down slowly. I don’t shower before I leave the gym. As a result, I discovered just how much my sweat wreaked of ammonia through the shorts I wear in the sauna, which come off soaking wet. It’s enough to turn your head, like smelling an open bottle of ammonia.

This is a result of deamination and the circulation of ammonia and urea released in the sweat. This is why saunas, in general, if not kept extremely clean, can and do smell like a cat’s litter box.

Since adding back fresh from the butcher, pasture raised ground beef and wild-caught salmon, that odor has gone away by more than 90%. It’s almost indiscernible, and I have a strong sense of smell. The sauna at the gym still smells the same, but my shorts no longer do. So I know its not some other general problem with my olfactory sense.

Since adding back in these forms of meat, it would appear that there is less deamination happening, which is counter to what I was expecting.

This is not what I was expecting at all, but if eating meat in place of the larger volume and variety of plant-based foods I have been eating is resulting in lower levels of free-circulating ammonia/urea, then that tells me that it is a move in the right direction. Less deamination is always better than more. And if this change is resulting in a lower level of deamination, then it would seem to me, at least from my experience that this is a move in the right direction toward homeostasis and a greater level of overall mortality.

Please help me understand this. I can’t imagine I am going to find any other, much less hundreds or even thousands of vegans or vegetarians, that would be willing or able to subject themselves to the rigorous steps that would be necessary to prove this as even plausible.

And by the way. I feel absolutely amazing in just less than one week. I’m sleeping better. My energy levels are better. My muscles are working better. My sinuses are working better.

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