Microbrews Banned By Legislators With Microbrains

  Republicans in the Floriduh Legislature are in the process of ruining the craft brew industry in the state. According to a commentary in The Tampa Tribune (which referred to the governing body as the Flori-duh Legislature” a bill being pushed by the Florida Beer Wholesaler’s Association — the lobbying group for beer distributors –“seek to gain…


F-ck You, Pay Me

  The court system in the United States was established upon the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.” Leon Hughes decided not to avail himself of the presumption of innocence when police investigators in West Palm Beach, Floriduh asked Hughes about his neighbor’s car, which was set on fire. Hughes told the police to write…


Driving While “Shifting”

  Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. Take the case of 22-year-old Cory Evans from Boca Raton, Floriduh. He was arrested a few weeks ago by Florida Highway Patrol troopers after the police received a report that Evans was driving his semi-truck naked down Interstate 95. And he was masturbating. The semi-truck driver who called the…



  While some residents of Tampa, Floriduh were fortunate enough to see a sun halo in the sky — a phenomenon in which a circle appears to surround the sun after light from the sun is refracted by ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds, at least one resident of town thought she was seeing…


Nut Steals the Wrong Dough

  William Edward Hicks of Fort Walton Beach, Floriduh, was arrested Friday (April 25) after stealing a single doughnut from a local Wal-Mart. According to The New York Daily News: The store’s loss prevention officers reported seeing Hicks take the pastry out of a case before wandering back to the sporting goods section. There they said…


Facebook Posts From Floriduh

  Posted by a friend on Facebook who found out quickly that the owner was not kidding: If you are sitting at a restaurant and a man comes and sits down near you and requests Sam Adams beer in a bowl for his dog what would you do?


A Mid-Afternoon Musical Interlude

I’m just wondering whether he will be signed by a major label before or after the feds come in and take him away. Considering the tattooed Joker-like smile and the AK-47 tattooed on his face, I’m betting on the latter. Floriduh Rating: 6 (because the beat grows on you)

Exploding head

Due to a Bad Neighbor, State Farm’s Not There

    An appeals court in Floriduh ruled that State Farm is not liable for damages that occurred to a woman’s apartment after her neighbor’s dead body exploded. Judy Rodrigo lost a nearly-six-year fight with the insurer of her Jupiter condominium, after arguing that they should pay for cleaning up the damage that occurred after…


Learning to Skate, Floriduh Style

Growing up is comprised of a series of learning situations. You put training wheels on the bike until you’re talented enough to take them off and ride your two-wheeler down the street by yourself. Learning to ride a skateboard is also challenging, but as you improve, you want to learn new tricks. And if you’re…


Woman Scams 92-year-old Alzheimers patient

  Nancy Tsai, the 66-year-old ex-wife of a billionaire, faces charges of conning a 92-year-old Alzheimers patient. The Palm Beach woman scammed the elderly woman into spending $2.35 million on a Bentley and a penthouse. Police also allege that Tsai, a former interior designer and founder of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, who, despite her…